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Sidhe Imperium Fact Sheet
Updated SD 220116

  • RELIABILITY CLASSIFICATION: F (rumor/conjecture by OSFI assets based on information gathered by non-intelligence/neutral assets)


Little concrete information is known about the enigmatic Sidhe (pronounced "shee") Imperium. Intelligence data is largely second hand, gleaned from other species along the frontier. It appears that the Imperium is composed of a number of species in a cooperative alliance. The exact relationship between the species is not completely clear and they, at times, appear to act independently of one another.

The Aes Sidhe are rumored to be the oldest of the races in the Imperium. By some accounts, they have been a space fairing power for at least a billion years, before the evolution of animal life on Earth, and the Office of Star Fleet Intelligence actually places very high confidence in that report. This implies that the Aes Sidhe are probably one of the oldest and most advanced races in the galaxy. It is suspected by some that they are associated with, or maybe even responsible for, the legendary Preservers who transported many races in danger of extinction to new worlds or the Progenitors who seeded members of different alien species throughout the galaxy.

At the same time, they seem to be extremely isolationist. According to many other space faring races in the region, it is the Aes Sidhe, a species spoken of with nearly god-like reverence and fear, that defend the borders of the Imperium. No records exist of any starships or probes penetrating the frontiers of the Sidhe Imperium and returning. Meanwhile, records document the disappearance of expeditions launched to send probes a short distance into Sidhe-Imperium-claimed territory from the far side of the border.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Aes Sidhe evolved beyond the typical mortal form and left the flesh behind. They are beings of thought, energy, and light. The technology of the Aes Sidhe is, effectively, magic even by the standards of the Federation. They are capable of what appear to be flatly impossible feats by an understanding of science as it exists in the Federation. They are far more powerful than even ancient civilizations like the Iconians.

It has been hypothesized by some Federation historians that it was the Aes Sidhe that broke the Slaver Empire hold on the galaxy. Other historians contend that it is equally likely that the Aes Sidhe were, themselves, the Slavers. Still others have suggested that the Aes Sidhe have some relation to the Organians. There is no real evidence either way, speculation is simply based on the knowledge that the Aes Sidhe were a space faring race back to that period in galactic history. The Aes Sidhe have not seen fit to enlighten those who seek to know more about their distant past. One of the few things that seems clear based on the evidence that Star Fleet has, to date, been able to collect is that the Aes Sidhe appear to be from the Milky Way galaxy and are far younger than the Q Continuum which may be one of the oldest races in the universe.

Archaeological evidence from the Dante system seems to indicate that there is a close connections between the Oior and the Aes Sidhe. Whether the Oior were ancient allies of the Aes Sidhe or are an offshoot of the race, there seems to be no active tie between the Oior and the other races of the Imperium.

Some beings of the Imperium has claimed the mantle of the Aes Sidhe, though it is very doubtful that any Aes Sidhe actively participate in the affairs of younger races or have for some time. Some hints have been uncovered in ancient texts revealed to the Federation by the Dalriadan Alliance that these may be Daoine Sidhe. The best theory behind the Daoine Sidhe is that they are actually related to the Aes Sidhe. They may be an offshoot race or simply members of the same race that did not leave the material form behind. There is some evidence of a great variety among Daoine Sidhe. Some are unspeakably powerful while others seem little more advanced that the Bean Sidhe. The origin of this apparent incongruity is not understood.

The Bean (pronounced "ban") Sidhe were the first members of the Imperium to be encountered by the Federation. Their technology is advanced in many regards. They seem to make extensive use of phase cloaking technology, even being able to use the devices on individuals wearing battle armor little more bulky than a standard Federation space suit. Noting a fondness for employing sonic weapons that produce an audible wail when fighting in atmosphere, a tendency to phase through solid objects, and an ability to probe minds from a distance to find deep-seated fears which are then used in holographic projections, some have actually theorized that the Bean Sidhe of the Imperium are responsible for the Bean Sidhe ("banshee") legends of Earth. The Bean Sidhe have been around for at least a hundred thousand years. Their exact relationship to the Aes and Daoine Sidhe is not completely clear. But they appear to be the footsoldiers of the Imperium in the current time period.

The second race of the Imperium to be encountered were the Baobhan Sith ("bah-vaan shee"). It is not clear why the other races in the region transcribe the second half of the name differently from other members of the Imperium. They appear to be a strange race of female vampires that prey on unwary traders. There appear to be no males of the race and means of procreation are unknown. They farm unwary males of many neighboring species who have been unlucky enough to be caught to use as a food supply. Their prey is not normally killed during the feeding process. Unlike vampires of common Terran mythology, the Baobhan, though sensitive to bright light because of their relatively dim star, have no problem existing in daylight. They also do not have particularly pale complexions. Moreover, they pull nutrients through the skin of their prey, leaving no marks on the victim, i.e. they have no fangs. The species appears to not use space travel and to be contained to the planet Xinde and it is not clear how or why they became members of the Imperium. Since the discovery of the Baobhan Sith, another similar group of vampiric Sidhe, the Leanan Sidhe, was discovered. For reasons that are not clear, the Leanan Sidhe appear not to be outcasts from Imperium society the way Baobhan Sith are.

One of the first of the new races encountered along the Indigo Fleet Frontier, and the third identified species of the Sidhe Imperium were the Iarlaisi, a race that was named after the changelings of Celtic mythology. Little factual information is known of this new race, including what they call themselves. They are known by various names in the languages of the region, most translating into some varient of "wraith," "demon," or "changeling."

The Iarlaisi are apparently a non-corporeal race which are capable of possessing the bodies of other sentient beings. It is unclear how this ability works or where this race may have evolved. This race appears to be firmly loyal to the Sidhe Imperium, though it is unclear if they are a member race or a servitor race of some sort. They are used most often for intelligence work because of their natural advantages.

The fourth species of the Imperium to be encourtered was the Cu Sidhe. It is not clear whether the Cu Sidhe are one species with three subspecies or three distinct species. The Federation has had more direct contact with the Cu Sidhe (sometimes rendered Cu-Sith) than with any other group within the Imperium. The Cu Sidhe seen interested in developing a peace which will allow the Dalriadan Alliance and United Federation of Planets to co-exist. The motive behind this goal is not known.

The Cu Sidhe are a race of canids, with an appearance similar to dogs and wolves of Earth. Like the better known Kzinti, they are large and generally bipedal, though they sometimes run on all fours. Interestingly, they appear to use a name system similar to the Kzinti where only the most honored members of the pack have full names, less honored members have half-names that include their profession, and those who have not yet honored themselves have only the name of their profession. They Cu Sidhe system of honor seems to be much more based around service to the pack than individual courage. The species/subspecies of the Cu Sidhe are are Gadhar (Mastiff), Cwn (Hound), and Madadh (Wolf). Cwn and Gadjar are the most frequentyly encountered.

Tha Madadh appear to be the eldest of the breeds and more secretive. They have a sardonic sense of humor and a mystical bent. They have the same pack mentality of the the Cu-Sith, but are also somewhat less socialized. They speak less and say much with few words, usually as riddles.

Gadhar and Cwn are both very up front types. Both can be fierce fighters, but neither is particularly warlike. The pack structure is very important and they often come out as harsh to races not acquianted with them because they feel a need to establish themselves with the larger pack that they are dealing with.

It should be noted that it is speculation and rumor that the Cu Sidhe are part of the Imperium. They have been evasive when asked any questions related to the Imperium and, though relatively forthcoming in other areas, have not confirmed any information about the Imperium.

Of the tribes, the Gadhar are possible the most brutish, but they can also be the most gentle. They might take offense quickly, but they don't hold grudges unless the crime is particularly vulgar. The Cwn are more refined, but also a bit more mercurial of temper.

Gadhar are the largest of the races. As noted below, they average about 2.9m (though with the dog hind leg, they often do not stand to their full height) and 350kg. Cwn are also tall and resemble Scottish Dearhounds or Irish Wolfhounds (the main differences being coloration and size, but the Cwn harken to an older hound before these breeds would have been separated). Average height is about 3m and average weight about 220kg. The Madadh are about 2.5m in height and 300 kg on average.


No definitive information is known about the Sidhe Starships. All of the ships seen are suspected to use advanced phase cloaking technology. That technology has been demonstrated on vessels known to belong to both the Cu Sidhe and Bean Sidhe. Their standard faster-than-light technology seems to be a very advanced hyperspace drive. It should be noted that Cu Sidhe and Bean Sidhe ships are radically different in construction, design, and energy signatures. It is not clear that the Imperium has any central and unified design stanards and the ships of each race may be very different from each other.


  • The Sidhe pages were developed by Jeffrey Jenkins for OSFI and BATA.